Topic Ideas

Hello, my name is Sydney and I am going to document my senior capstone project. I have started brainstorming ideas that I can write about but I am not set on one yet. I am passionate about helping others, just animal treatment, and furthering my education of psychology, specifically the chemical releases in the brain.

Reasons I am interested:

1.  Growing up my parents and religion always taught me to help others. My sister and I would make presents for the elderly at Cedar Village and every weekend go around gifting them to people that might need a smile, because they had a hard week or not many visitors. It always has made me feel good to see that I made someone else smile. As I got older I learned that to make an impact, the person you help does not need to know you helped them. Anonymous help is just as important because it is not about others knowing that you made a difference it only matters that you did and the person is helped and you personally know you made a difference. When I was at the junior high school a speaker came and told a story about a man that wrote a suicide note that said “If one person smiles at me on my walk to the Golden Gate bridge, I wont jump”. No one smiled at this man and consequently he jumped. Something hit me when I heard this story; I never want that to happen to anyone else. I know personally that when someone else smiles at me when I am having a bad day it can make it just a little better. From that point on I decided I will smile more, at friends, at strangers, maybe it will help them more than I know. My question is how big of an impact is smiling. I want to know if there is scientific proof that smiling at others helps them, and if so I want other to know by smiling they can easily positively impact others.smilemore

  1. My favorite book as a kid was Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire; the book is about an animal with spots that wants to be in the zoo, but is, but is rejected. The animal shows his spots to some children and the insist that he joins the circus. From this story I thought that all animals should be in the zoo and in the circus. When I was twelve my best friends mom would not let my best friend go to the zoo with me. Later I realized why; the unjust treatment of the animals. I have not been to the circus since. As for the zoo, I have mixed emotions. I would want to learn more about the treatment of animals at the zoo and the overall quality of life they have. I understand that it is important to have Zoos so people can see wild animals up close which might cause a connection so that they will help by donating to save animals or change their life style. Although I understand that importance of Zoos I can not help but feel bad for the animals. They are stuck in an enclosed environment with only a few other animals for the rest of their lives. I know If I was stuck in a box with only four friends I would go crazy in a few days. Researching animals in the zoo will display if their captivity is beneficial for their whole species in the wild.putmeinthezoo
  1. My dad sells investments and insurance at North Western Mutual, and every summer North Western Mutual holds a meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I always looked forward to that weekend in July because while my dad sat in meetings my mom, sister and I would explore Milwaukee! The weekend included trips to museums, a concert, a 5k and lots of free junk. One year my dad asked me if I wanted to go to one of the meetings for a few hours. Since Aaron Rodgers, Green bay quarterback would be speaking I was in. Before Aaron came out to talk there was another speaker, a psychologist that talked about chemical releases in the brain. I had a pad a paper and a pen and I started taking pages of notes. I have never been so eager to learn. He specifically talked about hormones that make people happy. I remember Dopamine, which motivates you to achieve goals. I want to learn more about why the chemicals release in peoples brains and about dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. By learning more about these chemical releases I can learn more about why people feel certain ways at different time.happychem

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